Dogfish Head Noble Rot: Bottled and Out The Door.

Dogfish Head’s Noble Rot is bottled and headed out the door today. Noble Rot is a saison-esque hybrid beer made with half of the fermentable sugars coming from pils and wheat malt with the other half made from two unique white wine grapes. Each 750ml bottle is about 9% ABV and will cost $12.00

The first addition is unfermented juice, known as must, from viognier grapes that have been infected with a benevolent fungus called botrytis. This “noble rot” reduces the water content in the grapes while magnifying their sweetness and complexity. The second is pinot gris must intensified by a process called “dropping fruit,” where large clusters of grapes are clipped to intensify the quality of those left behind.

Behind the Curtain: Dogfish Head Bottling Line video

Check out this behind the scenes look into the bottling process at Dogfish Head brewery.