Quelque Chose From Unibroue, Quelque Chose.

Quelque Chose is brewed in Chambly, Quebec by Unibroue. A Hybrid beer which is a blend of brown ale brewed in Chambly and a Belgian kriek ale. A kriek is made by fermenting lambic with sour Morello cherries. Lambics are usually sour beers to begin with so adding the cherries probably adds nice sweetness to balance the tartness.

Quelque Chose has been brewed since 1996 and from what I understand it is only brewed every six years. A 8.0% beer with a deep ruby red colour, this beer can be imbibed hot or cold and on ice. Drinking it hot is said to bring out more of the sweetness in the cherries, along with warm spiciness. Drinking it cold will give you little to no head, typical of a lambic.

With an aroma that is said to be of ripe cherries with cinnamon, cloves, honey and vanilla. I think this could be the perfect Valentine’s beer to cozy up with on a cold Quebec February.

Which is why I am searching high and low to find a bottle or two of this. One for now and one in the cellar. If anyone knows any store that carries this please let me know.

For more information head on over to the Unibroue product page and check out the video below of Unibroue beer sommelier Sylvain Bouchard pouring and describing the beer.