St-Ambroise Raspberry Ale Launch Tonight

McAuslan’s limited-edition Raspberry Ale is back just in time for summer. The beer will be available in select stores this week and the launch event will be at their terrace this afternoon at 5pm where the ruby red beer will be on tap.

St-Ambroise Framboise is ruby red in colour and brewed with real raspberries and choice hops. This 5% alcohol by volume beer won Silver at the 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards.
“This is a refreshing summertime beer – emphasis on the word “beer”. We brew Raspberry Ale only once a year and when it’s gone, it’s gone” says Peter McAuslan, Founder and President of McAuslan Brewing. “Brewing specialty ales for our consumers’ enjoyment is important to us, and is our way of thanking those who enjoy our beers.”

A four-pack will cost you about $9.99 and it is worth it. This is a great refreshing summer beer. The balance between hops and raspberry is perfect in this beer and it is easily one of my favourite summer fruit beers. It is available at select stores and you can view the list at You can visit tonight, May 16th and 5pm behind McAuslan Brewing (5080 St-Ambroise, Montreal) on their terrace for the launch.

About McAuslan Brewing
Established in 1988, and located in St. Henri along the banks of the Lachine Canal, McAuslan’s year-round offerings include: St. Ambroise Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Apricot Wheat Ale, Cream Ale, and Griffon Extra Pale Ale and Red Ale. In June 2011, St-Ambroise Pale Ale and Griffon Extra Pale Ale were awarded the top place in their respective categories by consumer report magazine, Protegez-Vous.