5 Beers I Wish I Could Drink Right Now.

Here is a list of five beers I wish I could drink this week. Unfortunately a lot of these beers are limited or only available in the US.

Anchorage Brewing – Galaxy White IPA
Just hearing about this whets my whistle. Anchorage seems to be a homebrewers brewery with really extreme beers. This is a mix between a Whit beer and an IPA and is brewed with kumquats, Indian coriander and black peppercorns. Exploding with Galaxy hops at 50 IBU and 7% ABV. It’s soon going to be summer and boy would I like to crack open a bottle of this outside in the sun.

Unibroue – Quelque Chose
I’ve been coveting this since February. Unfortunately it is not brewed anymore and is extremely rare. Usually you can find it at a Unibroue sponsored restaurant or in the US. But this is a beer I would like to have in bottle. One for drinking and one for aging. Quelque Chose is a blend of a Belgian kriek and a brown ale brewed in Chambly with a sweet and tart cherry and spice flavour. It can also be imbibed warm or on ice.

Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA
Here’s one that I’ve had before but can’t really get to it since it’s available in the US. One of, if not my favourite IPAs. This beer introduced me to the world IPA and extreme craft brewing. Nothing very extreme about this as it’s a well balanced, bitter IPA without crushing you in hops.

Samuel Adams – Brick Red
Not sure if this beer really fits in with the rest of the types of beers above but I would love to drink it again. This Irish Red beer is only served on tap in Boston. So it’s incredibly rare and hard to get unless you live there. The last two years when I visited Boston I pretty much only drank Brick Red. It’s a good well balanced red beer. One of, if not my only favourite Red.

Rogue – Voodoo Bacon Maple Ale
Smoked Malt, hickory malt, maple flavouring and applewood-smoked bacon. SOLD! The beer that you wouldn’t feel bad about drinking for breakfast. I’m not exactly sure how good this beer actually is. I’ve heard mixed reviews. But I would try it out for the novelty of it. Only available at the brewery I think so I might never get the chance.