Happy IPA Day!

ipadayToday is IPA day, an opportunity for beer enthusiasts to raise a glass and toast one of most iconic styles, the India pale ale. An opportunity for craft beer drinkers, brewers and brewpub owners to celebrate and share the love for craft beer with everyone. American IPA is one of the more prominent beer styles available and probably one of the easily accessible craft beer styles. Full of flavour and thirst quenching freshness.

Today is an opportunity to share your love of craft beer with someone you know and enjoy a nice tall bitter glass full of hoppy deliciousness.

There are many brewpubs in Montreal who always have IPA on tap, you can practically find it everywhere, but there are two places in Montreal tonight where you can celebrate hops in a big way.

At Pub Brouhaha starting at 3:00pm they will have 17 different Quebec IPA’s available on tap and on cask. They even have a Randall set up:

Siboire – InsPirAtion
Brasserie Dieu du ciel – Moralité
Brasserie Dunham – Double Dose
Brasserie Dieu du ciel – Mea Culpa
Brasseurs du Monde – Houblonnière
Broue Pub Brouhaha – Tribale IPA 0.2
Broue Pub Brouhaha – Fleur du Diable
microbrasserie le Naufrageur – Bienfaisant
Les Brasseurs du Temps – Diable au Corps
Noire Blanche Microbrasserie – Contre-Verse
Microbrasserie À la Fût – Ruine-Papille Blonde
Microbrasserie À la Fût – Ruine-Papille Rousse
Microbrasserie du Lac-St-Jean – Houblon Libre
Micro-brasserie Le Trou du diable – Dubaï Pillée
Microbrasserie ‘Le Castor’ Brewing Co. – Yakima
Microbrasserie de l’Île d’Orléans – Jospeh Bellarmin
MicroBrasserie Charlevoix – Vache Folle 2IPA Palissade
Boquébière Microbrasserie de Sherbrooke – Hopkins IPA
Les Trois Mousquetaires microbrasseurs – Hopfenweisse CASK (Dryhop Amarillo + Chinook)
Journée de la IPA au Brouhaha – Fleur du Diable RANDALL (Écorces d’oranges confites, nectarines grillées, houblon Comet)

At Pub Benelux will have 5 of their IPA’s available on cask and tap:

Cuda (dh: Chinook) en cask@ 16h
Sabotage (dh: Simcoe) en cask@ 16h
Catapulte (dh: Citra) en cask@ 16h
Cuda (american IPA / Amarillo, Simcoe) en fût
Congo (IPA “belge” / Amarillo, Centennial) en fût
Catapulte (american IPA / Simcoe, Citra) en fût
Anniversaire 2013 (double IPA / Nelson Sauvin) en fût

Come join the conversation on our Facebook page and tell us what you plan on drinking to celebrate tonight. Also, as more events are announced I will post them as well.


Yakima IPA – Microbrasserie Le Castor

IMG_20130420_171513Le Castor is an organic microbrewery founded last year in Rigaud, Quebec. It is a small shop owned by former home brewers who have a passion for experimenting with big barrel aged beers. Their first brewed beers are great examples of style and they have a bourbon barrel aged beer which I’ve yet to taste (although I had a sneak taste of it last year before it was finished aging and I’m looking forward to opening the bottle in my fridge).

The Yakima IPA is a West Coast IPA using various hops from the region. They are using pale and Munich malt and dry hopping as well. The bottle I tasted was part of their ongoing test batches. It had a 6.5% alc/vol at 55 IBU. Tasted from a 660ml bottle which I paid roughly $8 for in a pint glass.

This beer is a celebration of the mighty West Coast hop, grown east of the Cascade mountains. Multiple varieties are used in this ale, at several different points in the brewing process. With emphasis on late & dry hop additions, we serve up this juicy citrus flavours & aromas on a bed of pale and Munich malt.

Appearance: Pours with a great thick fluffy head. With very good head retention and lacing. It has a cloudy straw colour and it looks a bit paler than what I expected from a West Coast IPA. I believe the test batch I had was one of the first, which used a Californian yeast. They later changed to an English yeast due to clarity issues. As you can see from the picture it is quite cloudy. I believe they then attempted to use an English yeast but have since decided to continue using the Californian.

Aroma: Big citrus aroma. Grapefruit, orange peel and some tropical fruit notes. Great typical west coast hops coming off the pour. Nothing much else and I’m not complaining.

Taste: Taste is clean. It was really hard to put onto paper how to describe this cleanness. This might come from the smooth carbonation that allows the flavours to roll off the tongue. It’s hoppy but it’s not crushing and won’t ruin your mouth with bitterness. Nice smooth mouthfeel with a light citrus middle. The beer finishes off with a light lingering earthy bitterness that isn’t crushing or palate destroying.

Overall this is a good test batch and the new batches use more hops to reach 75 IBU. What I like about the Yakima IPA is that it’s a clean example of the style (like their other beers) and while it’s not a hop heads dream beer it’s a great beer to introduce drinkers into the world of hops. The cleanness allows this beer to be enjoyed quite easily on a nice summer day. A great session beer. It’s hard to get a good West Coast IPA in Montreal and while it’s a bit expensive it might be worth the price for a local organic IPA. I would recommend heading down to Rigaud and buying this directly from the brewery in a growler. Because when you reach the end of the bottle you will be left wanting more.

St-Ambroise IPA Launch

Hear ye, hear ye. It looks like the weather will be nice today in Montreal. The perfect opportunity to go down to the St-Ambroise terrace and drink some of their IPA at the official launch. While there you can also enjoy another another Lachine staple, the Grumman 78 truck will be there serving tacos.

India Pale Ales were brewed in 19th century England. In order to endure the long sea travel in clipper ships across the equator to India, English IPA’s were high in alcohol and brewed with plenty of hops. The hops provided a spicy bitterness balancing the malt and maintaining the quality of the ale through the natural antibacterial properties of hops. McAuslan has brewed a classic IPA using a blend of pale and specialty malts giving the beer a New World twist.

I’ve had the St-Ambroise IPA last year and I really enjoyed it. It’s a perfect introductory IPA and perfect for the weather today (hot and cloudy).

The launch is a 5 à 7 at the terrace @ 5080 St-Ambroise street. Normally the terrace is open until 11pm and at the launch the beer is usually a special price of $4 a pint, but I’m not too sure if that is the case this time around.

Brasserie Dunham – English IPA

ABV: 5% (Bottle)
STYLE: English IPA

I’ve had this brought to me a few times during tastings and I’ve really grown fond of it. Dunham IPA is a traditionally brewed English IPA with a nice malt backbone and subtle hops.

Pours hazy orange with a off white head. Very nice 2 finger head but unfortunately it dissipates quickly. Good amount of carbonation as the bubbles just float off the bottom of the glass.


This is a well rounded smell of malts and herbal hops. It’s not bursting with aroma hops but there even is a hint of citrus in there I think.


Very bitter in the front and finish with a good balanced malt back bone. Sweet caramel malts and a bit of astringency in the middle. This then bites back with a nice bitter finish and after taste. I also tend to get a bit of a smokey after taste. It’s subtle but it is definitely there.


This is a great tasting IPA and it is very drinkable. Nicely balanced as to not crush your taste buds with hops. I could probably easily put down a six pack of this without feeling any kind of fatigue. Not sure where that smokiness comes from or it is just me, but I kind of like it and feel it gives it a bit of a unique taste.

I would definitely go back and have more of this any chance I get.

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA is a blend of their 60 Minute and 90 Minute. Bottle conditioned with Maple syrup in 750mL bottles. 90 Minute is one of my favourite beers and it introduced me to the world of the hoppy goodness that is american IPA. The below video review is the first I’ve heard of their 75 Minute but I immediately want to drink it. It just sounds amazing.