Interview With Anchor Brewmaster, Mark Carpenter

To accompany my latest review of Anchor Steam Beer, go check out an interview with Anchor’s Brewmaster. He discusses craft beer, the brewery in San Francisco and his personal tastes in craft beer.

Part of that tradition involves having a copper brewhouse, which has become quite a rarity in contemporary brewing. The brewery also has all open fermentation, and uses only whole-leaf hops, though Carpenter says the brewery will employ modern techniques where it benefits the beer.
As has been mentioned before on this site, the landscape of American craft brewing is constantly changing as new varieties of hops are introduced by breeders, challenging brewers to showcase them in ways that complement their products. Carpenter says that some of these new ingredients have directly influenced some of the new beers at Anchor.
“When we tasted beers with those hops we thought it would be fun to make a beer using that hop,” Carpenter said. “We didn’t want to copy the beer we were tasting, but we thought we would develop our own beer for that hop.”