Cask Days Tickets Go On Sale Today

shot_08122013_23425_pmCask Days is a Toronto craft beer festival that hosts over 200 different cask conditioned beers and over 100 Canadian microbreweries. It is a beer geeks dream! This year they will also have 36 beers from the United Kingdom giving everyone a chance to enjoy some authentic real ale. Tickets are now on sale starting at $25 at

The Festival – Evergreen Brickworks October 19th – October 20th, 2013
As a major contributor to the Ontario craft beer community, the family behind Toronto mainstay barVolo, have taken Cask Days and elevated the beer drinking experience, spearheading one of the largest festivals of its kind. Cask Days 2013 will host over 4000 people over 2 days. From beer introduction & education to promoting a community-focused beer drinking lifestyle, Cask Days offers premium one-of-a-kind brews alongside a standout line-up of beer-focused workshops, art, music, food pairings and one-on-ones with brewers on site.

The Brews
Cask-conditioned ale (aka “real ale”) is served by spout directly from the cask. Once tapped, a cask only has a few days to be consumed at its peak – you’ve got to drink it; We call these days Cask Days. This beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized & naturally carbonated via secondary fermentation in the cask. Cask Days encourages brewers to showcase their finest brews, in most cases “one off’s” that are exclusively made for the festival. The best brewery collaborations, ciders, gluten-free beers & seasonal specialties like pumpkin and harvest ales will be also be up for tasting.

The Art
This year’s gallery spotlights on some outstanding artists who create the beer label artwork that is printed by both local and international breweries. Celebrating the designs that inspire, enlighten and are dedicated to brilliant beers. Artists will also be creating live productions to commemorate the 2013 festival.

The Eats
Raising the standard of beer festival food, the eats are as epic as the beer. Cask Days gathers some of Toronto’s most admired chefs & top restaurants. Expect real food that compliments real ale.

The Live Beats
The vibe of Cask Days is what sets it apart from the rest. The Cask Days music program – unfiltered, raw and live.

Final Four
Earlier this year 32, India Pale Ales were served blind and competed in a single elimination bracket tournament. The final four IPAs: House Ales Westside, Flying Monkeys Pink Dime, Hopfenstark Post Colonial, and Left Field Resin Bag will face off head to head, the champion determined by a national audience.

Brewers Breakfast
An opportunity to have a one-on-one with every brewery represented, guests open day 2 of the festival by tapping a keg and noshing over a guest chef catered breakfast before heading off to have more cask.

Session One: Saturday, October 19th (12pm-5pm)
Session Two: Saturday, October 19th (7pm-12am)
Session Three: Sunday, October 20th (12pm-5pm)
Save The Cask: Sunday, October 20th (5pm-10pm)

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