Dark Chocolate Bacon Porter? Yes please.

Although I find the idea of brewing with actual bacon weird, Blue Moon is going to make an attempt at it. Blue Moon Brewing had a promotion running on Facebook to choose the next seasonal they would make upon the next lunar blue moon. They just released the 3 finalists that will be competing against each other during a month of tasting. While the Dark Chocolate Bacon Porter sounds delicious, I think the Blackberry Tart Ale is more inline with the Blue Moon brand and it sounds really refreshing.

Blue Moon Caramel Apple Spiced Ale: A blend of cinnamon and nutmeg combine with roasted caramel malts and fresh apple juice for a warming, spiced taste.

Blue Moon Blackberry Tart Ale: The aroma of rich blackberries sets up the slightly sweet yet tart taste that’s balanced by the subtle malt character.

Blue Moon Dark Chocolate Bacon Porter: This deep mahogany colored ale is brewed with hickory-smoked bacon and dark chocolate for a slightly sweet yet savory taste.

Bacon Beer, Words To My Ear.

While eating breakfast on one of my homebrew days, eating bacon no less, I got to thiking: “Could I brew a beer using bacon?”. Why not. It could be a bit of a challenge getting the right flavours in the beer and balancing it out right. I envisioned a darker, smoky, fried bacon taste. Could be possible…

Going through some of the beer blogs today, I noticed that a group of homebrewers are doing a sort-of “ironman” brew challenge. The ingredient… BACON!


For this brew I actually decided to use bacon grease in the brown ale lending to it’s name, the Greasy Pig Brown Ale. The smell of the beer while in the boil was friggin’ amazing. My garage was overtaken by the ludicrous smell of fresh cooked bacon. I still haven’t decided if I’m got to “Dry Pork” the beer. (Stealing Jamey’s phrase). Going to try the beer again in two weeks to see if it needs more bacon before I carb it. We are all going to be tasting the beer in feb; so I have a couple more weeks for it to settle in the corney before I decide what to do.

The “grease” doesn’t sound very appealing in a beer since it will kill the head and give it a really awkward mouth-feel but it sounds like the brewer lagered the beer and removed the oil from the top.

Very interesting. One of my ideas were to create bacon salt and use that for flavour… Somehow… I’ll keep an eye on the progress and report back in here to see how they end up accomplishing this.