Food at Mondial de la Bière


 The Montreal beer festival not only has beer, but delicious food as well. IGA will have three cooking workshops presented every day as well. Chef André-Paul Moreau will present these workshops: IGA Cooking with beerHe will use IGA products to create perfect matches with various beers. The fifteen demonstrations will put a spotlight on local products, cheese, quality meats and seafood. Chefs Matthieu Saunier of l’Osco!, Cédric Désilets of La Coupole, Frank Chesseron and Maxime Boivin of l’Assommoir Notre-Dame, Carl Poulin from Vices & Versa, Olivier Tali of Cheval de jade as well as chef Roland Del Monte of Renoir, will dazzle your tastebuds! François Chartier will also be part of the crew with a presentation called Le goût du froid. Philippe Wouters, on top of being “beer presenter” of the IGA cooking demonstrations, will put together a mussels and shrimp recipe and host the tasting workshops “beer and cheeses” as well as “beer and fudges “.

 As well as the presentations, there are 15 food kiosks on the floor this year. You will be able to indulge on some of the following:
  • European sandwiches.
  • Panini style sandwitches with deer smoked meat.
  • Wild boar hamburgers.
  • Deer finger food.
  • Brochettes.
  • Large sausages on a stick.
  • Latin America pastries (Churros).
  • Fries and poutines.
  • Ceviche
  • Tuna Causa with Peruvian sauce.
  • Beef sandwiches with guacamole.
  • Small meatballs with mild spicy suace.
  • Yellow rice with chicken and vegetables.
  • Gourmet pop corn, sweet and salty.
  • Cheeses grilled on a stick
  • “Sucre à la crème”, 50 flavors of fudge and nougat.
  • Sausages smoked on maple wood.
  • Skippy burger.
  • Kangaroo sausages.
  • Seal’s loins.
  • Bison and wild boar on a stick.
  • Sticky rice with red beans.
  • Chicken drumsticks in sauce.
  • Pulled pork.
  • Pastries: cheese twists, buns, cookies, twisted sausages.

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