Schoune – L’Érabière

ABV: 4.5%
SERVING: 341mL Bottle

While I was planning on brewing my homebrew maple ale, I saw this in the depanneur and I was enticed to give it a shot. There isn’t a whole lot of information on their website regarding the beer. Schoune is a very hands on brewery, their slogan being “De la terre à la bière”.

The website is a bit outdated with the description of the beer, listing their maple beer as a 5%ABV but my bottle was 4.5%.

This pours with a large frothy head that dissipates quickly. It is a kind of brown or amber colour in the light. It is very good looking beer that resembles maple syrup. There is a lot of carbonation bubbles pouring off the bottom of the glass. It is a bit cloudy as well.

This beer has a great aroma. There is a sweet and maple aroma mixed with a bit of sour lemon. A bit of a strange and unexpected aroma but it is inviting. No hops noted and it is very sugary.

The taste is even more strange and unexpected. Right away you are hit with a lambic like sour flavour.The sourness is cut with a little sweetness but it is not sugary like candy. It has a slick feel in my mouth with lots of carbonation which washes away the flavours quickly. Not bitter at all and very dry and earthy at the end with some woody notes (most likely from the maple syrup). The sour sits on the tongue but doesn’t linger at the end. It is very light and refreshing all things considered.

This is a very intriguing beer. What was expected was an overwhelmingly sweet maple ale that ended up being more sour like a lambic than anything else. Maybe I am drinking a bad or an old batch. Not sure as there is no date on the bottles. I definitely want to try this again just to make sure I wasn’t drinking an old or off batch. Otherwise, the beer is interesting and surprisingly nicely refreshing. The carbonation cuts the sourness nicely and it’s relatively light. However you can’t sit and down and drink too much of this without the sour taste getting to you. In fact, I find it hard to finish a full glass of this sometimes and with my 6-pack I think I ended up dumping the last few mouth fulls.

So I guess I’m torn. I would cautiously recommend this. If you’re interested in trying something unique then you should pick up a six pack. Otherwise you might want to stay away from it if the thought of a sour beer doesn’t sound good.

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