A microbrewery brewed out of spite: Spiteful Brewing

Here is a great interview with two lifelong friends born out of a hockey fight who are starting a brewery in Chicago. Small and at their own pace. They describe themselves as a nanobrewery and are trying to supply a few bars in the Chicago area.

Shaffer and Klein’s hockey friendship strengthened in high school when they played for the same team for three years before they ditched the ice for the warm sun of Arizona during college. After a year there together, Brad transferred to Colorado, where his craft beer obsession took root. It hasn’t let go.

I like the idea of two guys who spent a few years brewing in their kitchen going at it incrementally. Instead of trying, and potentially failing, by opening a big brewery right out of the gate. It seems like they are doing it the right way. More craft beer can only be a good thing. Keep an eye out for them when you’re in Chicago.

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