A Beer a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Often a source of the only clean water available, in moderation, beer can be good for you. It appears that the carbon-dioxide in the beer improved water absorption with carbohydrates replacing lost calories for athletes. Beer is also rich in B vitamins, silica for bone health and fibre. What about that beer belly you ask? Well, glass for glass, beer has less calories than wine. Just cut out the binge drinking and the chips and salsa.

‘Beer has a bad image – it is more often associated with drunken football crowds than health-conscious, discerning drinkers,’ says Dr George Philliskirk of The Institute of Brewing and Distillery, who specialises in yeast research. ‘But when drunk in moderation, beer provides a wider range of health benefits than wine.’

Like you needed a reason to drink beer. Now you have no excuse not to crack one open tonight with dinner! Cheers.

Source : A pint a day keeps the doctor away... and YES, we do mean beer! Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2096454/A-pint-day-keeps-doctor-away--YES-mean-beer.html#ixzz1mIFQZkTi

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