Homebrew Process: Day 2 – Equipment

This is probably the most boring part to write about, but it is just as important as a good recipe. Because I am still new at this, before a brew day I will once over the equipment I have and make decisions where I can improve.

I have a pretty basic kit that I inherited from my dad so I need to supplement it with new equipment when I get the money. The above picture isn’t my kit and just there as an example.

My kit includes:

  • Plastic fermenting bucket (fits 5 gallons plus) with lid
  • Glass carboy (probably about 6 gallons plus)
  • Two ceramic coated stock pots, 11 Liters and 2 gallon
  • Small grain bag
  • Large plastic spoon
  • Tubing
  • Bottle capper
  • Brown glass bottles and caps
  • Thermometer
  • Hydrometer
  • Food scale
  • Now I realize this is far from perfect. However this should show you that it is incredibly easy to get started without fancy equipment. There are places for improvement in my kit and needed additions.

    For starters my ceramic coated stock pots aren’t very good. It’s frowned upon to use these since they will chip and rust with heavy stirring. I will eventually make my way to aluminum stock pots. My fermenting bucket doesn’t have a hole drilled in the lid for an airlock. Right now I loosely fit the bucket lid and put a towel over it to keep anything bad from getting in.

    However this time around I made some extra additions to my kit:

    I bought a stopper and airlock for my carboy (I used saran wrap last time to cover the hole). I also picked up an auto siphon so I don’t need to use my mouth (!!) when racking and bottling and a bottle filler that you press down into the bottle to fill (as opposed to just using a tube kinker). I also bought a large funnel just in case in the future.

    I like this way of building a kit. It’s relatively cheap to buy the kit up front but there is a bit of a thrill going to the store and buying new toys every once in awhile. The brew store is like a Toy’s R Us for homebrewers.

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