Best of Beau’s 4-pack & the return of Bog Water

bob-2014Cold weather in Ontario conjures up cravings for strong, warming beer and hearty food. Just in time, Beau’s has shipped some shiver-stoppers to LCBOs across the province: the 2014 Best of Beau’s holiday mix pack, which features 4 different Beau’s beers as well as a series of 4 collectable recipe cards paired with each beer in the pack, courtesy of Beau’s chef Bruce Wood.

Selections for the 2014 Best of Beau’s 4-pack were chosen by fan voting back in June – the 4 top vote-getters made it into the limited-edition holiday sampler. Its offerings are a creative cross-section of the innovative and diverse beer styles Beau’s All Natural Brewery has come to be known for.

Copper-coloured St. Luke’s Verse Lavender Gruit (5.7%) offers up an aromatic herb-and-spice bouquet of lavender, accented by thyme and rosemary
Winterbrewed Coffee-Amber (6%) is brewed with Mexican micro-lot organic fairtrade coffee from Ottawa’s Bridgehead Roastery – flavours of coffee and barley melded with nutty, fruity inflections
Burnt Rock (5.6%) is a classic British-style porter brewed with a generous addition of organic vanilla beans – earned a pretigious Gold medal at the 2013 Mondial de la Bière in 2013
Mission Accomplished (6.7%) is an American IPA brewed with a combination of organic American and New Zealand hops, giving the beer sweet, juicy notes of tangerine, tropical fruit and pine

Beau’s winter seasonal, Bog Water, has also returned to the LCBO beer line-up, and will continue until spring returns. Dubbed by the brewery as an “Eastern Ontario” Gruit, this rare and ancient style shares the malt and yeast profile of a Belgian ale. Bog Water uses a wild-harvested herb known as bog myrtle or sweet gale, used extensively in brewing in the 1500s, to add flavour and to preserve the beer. The seasonal brew is malty with a plum-like fruitiness that is offset by a spicy, earthy bitterness.

This 3rd annual edition of the Best of Beau’s mix pack, containing 4 signature 600 ml bottles and a series of 4 collectable beer-inspired recipe cards, is now on sale at a price of $24 in LCBOs across Ontario; single bottles of Bog Water gruit are $4.35 each. Both products are also available direct from the brewery, and through home delivery in Ottawa via BYBO (

Glutenberg Indiegogo Campaign Launch

unnamedGlutenberg microbrewery launches its very first Indiegogo crowd funding campaign today and it’s asking its fans’ support in anticipation of its Ontario launch.

Montreal, November 18th 2014 – We’re excited to launch our very first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to ask for YOUR support for our most recent project: the distribution of Glutenberg beers in Ontario at The Beer Store. Check out our project here

It’s now been three years that we’ve been pouring our hearts and souls into creating not just the best gluten-free beer, but the best beer possible, period. Since our beginning, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth, both in Quebec and outside of our borders. To date, Glutenberg beers are available in 8 Canadian provinces, 14 American states, and Italy and Brazil, which makes us very proud. However, despite the proximity, we’ve never been able to establish ourselves in Ontario, one of North America’s most important markets.After many unsuccessful attempts trying to work with the LCBO, we’ve finally decided that our beers would be distributed at The Beer Store, the only alternative to the state-run corporation LCBO. However, contrarily to the LCBO, this second option requires a massive investment on our part, an investment we won’t be able to make without your precious help. It’s for this reason that we’re launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign today.

The greater our fans’ (and your readers’) support, the wider the distribution of Glutenberg beers in Ontario, because we have to pay fees for each The Beer Store location that will sell our beers. And even if your readers don’t live in Ontario, know they can still help us by making a smaller contribution or by sharing the link below on social media.We hope to be able to count on your support to spread the word about this great project, either by writing a short article, or by sharing the link about our campaign on social media. Thanks a million!