Cerveceria Bucanero S.A. – Bucanero Fuerte

ABV: 5.4 (Can)
STYLE: Adjunct Lager

When you go on vacation to Cuba you really only get two choices of beer. Cristal and Bucanero Fuerte. Cristal seems to taste mostly of water while Bucanero has a bit more taste and bigger alcohol punch.

Bucanero Fuerte gets its name from old legends of the pirates that roamed the Caribbean Sea. Considering that Bucanero Fuerte is one of the best hidden treasures of Cuban beer, this connection is fitting.

Strong and full-flavored, Bucanero Fuerte is made from the most natural and freshest ingredients, with superior malt and is blended with just a touch of Cuba’s finest sugars.

This poors a golden yellow and is very clear. Cloudy head that dissipates very quickly but a nice half inch of lacing sticks around. Lots of carbonation bubbles flow from the bottom of the glass throughout drinking this beer.

Not much of an aroma. Mostly sweet from the sugars and a faint note of the earth hops. The hops smell a bit grassy.

Above they describe the beer as blended with just a touch of Cuban sugar. Which I would argue is not the case. It tastes and feels like there is a lot of high fructose corn syrup in here. The beer is sweet with a bit of a hop finish and after taste and that’s about it. Funny enough, it feels a bit sticky on the lips. This needs to be served at 0°C and then it becomes crisp and manageable. My biggest complaint would be the high carbonation that really sits heavy in the stomach.

It’s difficult to sit here while enjoying a glass of this and complain how it doesn’t compare to the great microbrews of Quebec. It doesn’t. Cuba isn’t known for it’s beer. Quite honestly when you go on vacation you won’t even have much of a choice. This is a mass produced lager for a hot country and I would drink this over a coors light any day if I had the choice.

Just drinking this again brings back memories of my vacations to Cuba and everything involved. I drank this a lot there and I prefer it over the other choices. Besides, how can you say no to beer with a pirate on the label?