Montreal Mondial de la Bière

It’s that beautiful time again when the Montreal Beer Festival rolls into town for 5 days. It begins tomorrow, Wednesday June 6th at 11am-9pm and ends Sunday June 10th. Admission is free and tasting coupons cost $1 each. Most 3-4 ounce samplers will cost around 3 to 5 tickets. So prepare to spend at least $30 on tickets if you want to sample a few beers. Also they sell a souvenir glass (and a bundle of coupons and a glass) for a reasonable price but you can save money if you bring last years or your own 12 ounce glass.

The good news is this year we have the opportunity to go as “press” and could do a bit more reviewing and writing up some of the beer news that we see instead of aimlessly drinking and getting expensive drunk. There are three beer launches that we will go to on Thursday and we will do our best to cover them here. And much more. I will update the site with a rundown of things to see and events we plan on attending starting tomorrow.

Where have we been?

Possibly in a drunken coma! Between vacations and pressing for deadlines at work and just overall enjoying beers and getting lazy we haven’t had much of a chance to publish much. We are back. I’ve got a few things I want to share with you from my vacation, to my latest beer and my next one and a few new beers I’ve been drinking. Prepare to start getting spammed by us again.

Site Update: Homebrew Posts While I Brew.

I hope everyone who is reading the site has enjoyed the site so far. We are two developers working a full time job so we try to post as much as possible as often as we can. We enjoy beer so it’s honestly pretty damn easy to read and write about it.

As we go on we plan on having many more beer reviews. As many as our livers can handle. We would also like to review more local Montreal beers and brew pubs.

Starting today I will be posting quick articles about the home brew process as I go through it myself with my next batch. Going through the thought process finishing with the review of the beer once I crack the first few bottles. This week will have a lot of posts as I go through the initial process leading up to the brew day.

Have a beer and enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Hello world!

I would like to welcome you to Encyclobeerdia.

Allow me to introduce ourselves. We are Software Developers in Montreal who enjoy drinking and making good beer. Montreal has a growing craft brew industry and we plan to put our livers on the line to bring you reviews and recommendations. Tough job, I know.

We also want to bring you the latest news, tech and information in the craft brewing world to help you make your own great beer. As I brew my next beers I will outline the recipes, steps and tips to give you insight and hopefully push you into making your own.

So add us to your RSS feed and like us on Facebook. We plan to have many reviews to start off the new year proper and I will be starting a new seasonal beer in the next week.