Flying Monkeys/City and Colour collab beer.

2013-07-10 17.53.25I was lucky to get a bottle of the Flying Monkey’s Craft Brewery and City and Colour collaboration beer. It’s a high-alcohol Imperial Maple Wheat Ale brewed with maple syrup and infused with organic Bourbon vanilla pods and it is a big! Clocking in at 11.5% ABV, this is definitely a beer to share among friends. The beer is part of a special music and beer collaboration project from Flying Monkey’s which started last year with a Barenaked Ladies collaboration.

Peter Chiodo, Flying Monkeys Founder and brewer, is thrilled City and Colour wanted to be part of their collaboration project. “We had a great time coming up with the recipe. Craft beer aficionados and City and Colour fans alike are going to love this beer!” City and Colour and the Flying Monkeys’ brewers hit upon a little-tried, voluptuous beer style for the calm laziness of summer…

“We created the beer recipe in spring when the sap was running and local maple syrup farms were rocking. We’d wanted to use these great maple flavours for a while,” said Chiodo. “Dallas Green is a native son of St. Catharine’s, so the maple added the perfect touch of Ontario to this beer.”

I believe we taste with our eyes and nose as much as with our tongue so I’ll be spinning up the latest City and Colour album “The Hurry And The Harm” and cracking open this collaboration beer next week for review. Quite frankly, I am excited to try this. Maple syrup is not often used in brewing and when it is the outcome is not always great. In the meantime, you can try to pick this up at your local LCBO or at the brewery itself located in Barrie Ontario.